Duties and Membership


  • Recommend new Title XIX and XXI programs, services, funding options, polices and demonstration projects, to meet the needs of American Indian Tribes and Urban Indian Health Organizations, both on and off reservation in cooperation with this State and the Federal Government;

  • Facilitate communications, planning, advocacy and discussion among Tribes and Urban Indian Health Organizations in this state and with this state and federal agencies regarding operation, financing, policy and legislation relating to Indian medical and public health care;

  • Recommend and advocate Tribal, State and Federal policy and legislation that support the design and implementation of medical and public health care delivery and financing systems for Tribes and Urban Indian Health Organizations in this state;

  • Conduct and commission studies and research to further the purpose of the council and to address identified Indian health care disparities in this state

  • Conduct periodic public hearings to gather input and recommendations from tribal populations on their health care issues and concerns

  • Apply for and seek grants, contract and funding to further the purpose of the council

  • Request a federal waiver from the United States Department of Health and Human Services that allows tribal governments that perform eligibility determinations for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families programs to perform the Medicaid eligibility determinations; and

  • Perform other duties as requested by the legislature.



The AACIHC consists of 28 representatives who serve 3-year terms:

  • Twenty two (22) representatives from each federally recognized American Indian Tribe in this state who is appointed by the Governor;

    • Each Tribe may recommend and nominate a representative to the Governor of which the appointment will be made from,

  • One (1) representative from the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. who is appointed by the Governor;

  • One (1) representative from an urban Indian Health Organization who is jointly recommended by the three urban Indian organizations in this state and who is appointed by the Governor; and

  • Four (4) state agency representatives appointed by their respective directors from:

    • Arizona Department of Economic Security (ADES),

    • Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS),

    • Arizona Early Childhood and Development Board (First Things First (FTF)) and

    • Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).

Ex-officio members from the following federal agencies are invited by the AACIHC to serve as technical advisors and serve a 3-year term:

  • Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services

  • Indian Health Service

  • Social Security Administration

  • Veteran’s Administration